Biennial congress Of society of
Endoscopic And laparoscopic surgeons

Assoc. Prof. Dr.RolfHartung

Assoc. Prof. Dr.RolfHartung
Medical Studies in Bordeaux, France and Bonn Germany. Internship at National University of Cuyo Mendoza Argentina. 2 years of pathology in University Aachen Germany followed by residency in general surgery in Aachen University. Became consultant surgeon and head of consultants in teaching hospital of University Duesseldorf Germany in 1987. Moved as Head of General surgery to Department of Health later transformed into Dubai Health Authority in 2003. Built a new department of surgery in Dubai Hospital as Head of General surgery and urology until 2014. After retirement from governmental sector took a consultant and HOD position at BR Medical Suites in Dubai Healthcare City. Worked as Consultant surgeon at Mediclinic City Hospital, Canadian Hospital, Meteor Hospital and NMC until 2017 when he became CMO of Mediclinic City Hospital. In November 2020 moved as CMO to Al Zahra Hospital Dubai. Associate Professor of Surgery since 2004 in Dubai Medical College and Mohammed Bin Rashid University. Currently member of the advisory board. Served as Residency Training Director and in many governmental and private hospital committees. Member in more than 30 surgical societies and active as EXCO: Past President of APHS, Past President of ESLES, Past President of GCC Hernia Society, current Vice President of ELSA and others. Published numerous articles and bool chapters, gave more than 200 presentations in international conferences.

29 July 2022 - Day 1

Time Session
  • Indocyanine green(ICG) fluorescence cholangiography during laparoscopic cholecystectomy
    Koong Jun-Kit Speaker
  • Overcoming Difficult Gallbladder in Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
    Razman Jarmin Speaker
  • MIS in pancreatic surgery : Recent advances and Current challenges
    Yoong Boon-Koon Speaker
  • Laparoscopic liver resection: An Update
  • Endoscopic management of Difficult CBD Stones
  • Parenchymal dissection along the intersegmental plane without ICG guidance
    Goro Honda Speaker
Conference Hall 3
Satkunan Mark Moderator
Yan Yang Wai Moderator
Conference Hall 1

30 July 2022 - Day 2

Time Session
Gafoor Mubarak Moderator
Conference Hall 1