Biennial congress Of society of
Endoscopic And laparoscopic surgeons

Assoc. Prof.LeiJiang

Assoc. Prof.LeiJiang
Dr. Jiang is currently an associate chief physician and associate professor at Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital, he received his medical degrees from the prestigious West China Medical University in Chengdu. Dr. Jiang joined Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital in 2001 for his Surgical Residence and then Attending phase, he was promoted to associate chief physician in 2008 and works as a treatment group leader since shortly after the promotion. Dr. Jiang pioneered in Minimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery especially Subxiphoid Uniportal VATS and complex procedures through Uniportal VATS by developing the first ever instrument set for Subxiphoid Uniportal VATS and reporting over 10 World's First Case procedures. In recent years, Dr. Jiang’s research area has extended to uniportal robotic assisted complex thoracic surgery and non-intubated complex thoracic surgery, such as sleeve resection. Dr. Jiang’s another pioneering work is establishment of the first ever UGC (user-generated content) website specialized for thoracic surgery——China General Thoracic Visualized Surgery and the eponymous WeChat channel, this dedication to disciplinary development has been highly praised. He has been Principal Investigator or Co-PI on 8 municipally funded Research and Trials with a spectrum from integrated therapy of Chinese and Western medicine, Post-operative pain, to basic clinical research of robot – assisted thoracic surgery .

29 July 2022 - Day 1

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