Biennial congress Of society of
Endoscopic And laparoscopic surgeons

Dr.Yahya Mohd Aripin

Dr.Yahya Mohd Aripin
Dr Yahya Mohd Aripin received his MBBS from Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) in 1996. He then obtained Master of Surgery (General Surgery) from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) in 2003 and Fellowship in Breast and Endocrine Surgery in 2011. For the latter, he was trained in 3 different institutions namely UKM, Hospital Putrajaya and Halle-Wittenberg University, Germany, for 1 year in each institution. His initial exposure in Minimal Access Thyroidectomy was on Endoscopic Transaxillary Thyroidectomy in Hospital UKM in 2006. He learned to perform Endoscopic Axillo-Bilateral Breast Approach (ABBA) Thyroidectomy in 2011 in Halle, Germany. He was trained as a console surgeon for Bilateral Axillo-Breast Approach (BABA) Robotic Thyroidectomy in 2016 in Seoul, Korea. He is currently a Consultant General, Breast and Endocrine Surgeon in Hospital Al-Sultan Abdullah, Puncak Alam. He is also the Medical Director for UiTM Private Specialist Center in Sungai Buloh.

30 July 2022 - Day 2

Time Session
  • Feasibility of thoracoscopic oesophagectomy for sigmoid megaoesophagus secondary to Achalasia Cardia
  • Laparoscopic Anterior Resection with Natural Orifice Specimens Extraction (NOSE-LAR) for Sigmoid Adenocarcinoma
  • Left Thoracoscopic Diverticulectomy - Easy or Difficult approach?
  • Minimally invasive Ivor Lewis esophagectomy without single lung ventilation: How I do it
  • Laparoscopic Trans-gastric surgery for intramucosal gastric cancer in close proximity to the oesophagogastric junction with jury-rigged laparoscopic ports, in a patient with previous open cholecystectomy.
  • Tracheal Stent in a Complex TOF?
  • Palliative Colonic Stenting: How I Do It
  • Laparoscopic Anterior Resection with Monopolar Dissection for Obstructed Sigmoid Carcinoma: How I do it quick and safe?
  • Laparoscopic repair of traumatic diaphragmatic hernia
Meeting Room 306
L P Thangavelu Moderator
Nor Hisham Muda Moderator
Conference Hall 3